Accident spurs concerns over Highway 377

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More than a half-dozen people are in the hospital tonight after a two car accident north of Whitesboro.

Although no one was seriously hurt, the collision does bring up questions about safety on Highway 377.

Luke Darnell never expected lunch to end this way. After noon time, he found out his friends had collided with a truck that pulled out from a driveway along highway 377.

"It’s a narrow road, two lanes, lots of turn offs, no way they could miss it."

Firefighters have cleaned up many accidents on this two-lane highway with a 70-mile-an-hour speed limit that drastically reduces where this accident happened, about two miles north of highway 82.

"The significance of this was the number of people involved... getting enough ambulances here to determine who needs to go to the hospital."

This time, authorities say the seven people injured were very lucky, suffering only minor bumps, bruises, and a few broken bones. It could have easily been worse.

But for some people around here, minor bumps and bruises is enough for major concern over the possibility of the next accident with people who may not be as fortunate.

It's not changing Darnell's regular route, but it may change the way he drives for the better.

Authorities say the speed limit is appropriate for that stretch of 377.

At least a dozen accidents have happened there in the last year.

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