Ardmore conducts city-wide tornado drill

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ARDMORE -- When Steve LaNore says everyone should take cover, will you know what to do in severe weather? Ardmore had a city-wide tornado drill earlier this afternoon.

Sirens sounded at two o’clock on the dot. Even though the skies didn't show any signs of danger today, our cameras were inside Franklin Elementary- one of the older schools in Ardmore.

Since the building has no storm shelter like most newer schools the students are put in places away from windows, such as closets and bathrooms.

This was also a great chance for businesses and residents to practice their routines.

City emergency officials were also inside some of the schools and businesses to witness the efficiency of the drills. These are reported back to the emergency manager's office.

Dickson, Springer and Gene Autry were also part of the drill

"It helps us keep prepared in keeping kids safe," said Franklin Elementary principal Denise Brunk.

"It’s important the kids are in practice because in real situations its important they know what they are supposed to do.”

Plainview's high school gymnasium is the only city certified tornado shelter, which means people who don't have a place to take cover can go there when the sirens sound.

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