Ardmore welcomes new subdivision

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ARDMORE -- Dozens of Ardmore families will have a place to call home thanks to a local charity and its army of supporters.

Today community leaders gathered in northeast Ardmore to break ground on the new Habitat for Humanity subdivision. For volunteers, this day couldn't come soon enough.

Armed with shovels and hard hats, Habitat for Humanity officials and local donors broke ground on the 11-and-a- half acre subdivision that will include 28 three-bedroom homes.

It all started seven years ago when a Mill Creek woman asked to donate the land to the charity.

You didn't have to ask them twice. The goal took a little longer than expected due to infrastructure problems. But now all plans are in place and construction crews will start on phase one Friday.

"Ardmore is rising, everyone realizes habitat is doing wonderful job with help of all those who helped us with donations," said Kent Tucker of Habitat for Humanity.

The Community Foundation of Ardmore donated $75,000 to get the infrastructure rolling; the Noble Foundation and other private donors pitched in the rest.

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