OHP investigating Colbert

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COLBERT, Okla. -- OHP is now stepping in to investigate if Colbert police illegally pulled criminal backgrounds. Durant police reported former Colbert police chief John Polston used the OLETS system to receive personal information on several Colbert citizens.

OLETS is a program used by a 911 board to receive background checks.

One of those record-checks led to the arrest of council member Maurice Robinson-- ten minutes before a meeting set to discuss Polston's termination.

Durant police chief Gary Rudick suspended Colbert's use of the system...because any misuse could jeopardize their OLETS license. The Durant police department operates the 911 board for Bryan County. Rudick later reinstated Colbert's access.

"I hope justice be done that's the main thing and where these things won't happen to anybody else," said Robinson, who is serving as the acting mayor until one is decided. Former mayor Randall Gorman did not seek reelection.

OHP officials expect the investigation to take about thirty days.

In a separate investigation, OHP officials are determining if Colbert is a possible speed-trap. Oklahoma officials deem an area a speed trap if more than half of the town's revenue comes from speeding tickets.

No word when on the results of this investigation.

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