Neighbor saves girl from drowning

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PLAINVIEW, Okla. -- A Plainview seventh grader says she owes her life to heroic neighbors. Shannon Towler almost drowned Tuesday, when rain waters flooded the land, but her neighbors stepped in when seconds counted.

It's been three days since the accident, but Shannon can't seem to get it out of her mind.

She says if her neighbors hadn't stepped in, she would not be here to tell their heroic story.

Inches of rain in a matter of minutes flooded Old Hickory Creek south of Ardmore and turned the Mitchell family’s yard into a whirlpool.

But what started as a spontaneous swimming party for Dylan Mitchell and his neighbor, Shannon, turned almost tragic.

"Playing around, kicking in it and slipped, suck me down started holding on."

"Saw her jump in water, started running then saw mom and dad come down,"

Shannon slipped into a culvert deeper than her five-foot frame. Soon the rushing water was threatening to suck her in.

"I was thinking ‘if I let go, will I make it?’ I decided not to let go."

That's when Dylan’s mom and dad pulled up.

"Her face and arms hanging hollering help her all I could see was her face, that's still all I can see."

Marilyn says it took all her strength to pull Shannon to safety, but she couldn't imagine the thought of letting her go.

"Someone watching over her, we could have come home late, wouldn't think twice about doing it again."

"Guardian angels… friends down the street helping friends up the street."

Shannon swallowed a lot of water but managed to escape any major cuts or bruises.

She says she'll think twice about swimming in a yard full of water again.

Shannon presented Marilyn with a dozen of roses and a plaque for saving her life.

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