Second school bus accident in Dickson

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DICKSON, Okla. -- It was another rough start to the day for Dickson students.

A pick-up rear-ended a route bus picking up kids for school this morning around 7:30 near Springdale Road and Lorraine Street.

The bus was stopped on the side of the road. The pick-up driver told police the sun was in his eyes. He didn't see the bus until it was too late. He tried to swerve but rear-ended it on the left side.

The bus was full of kids. Two were taken to the local hospital for precautionary reasons. No one was seriously injured.

"People here drive too fast, and in the mornings the sun is in your eyes. When traveling east you have to be doubly careful, and most people aren't," said neighbor Cricket Collins.

This comes after a Dickson bus was rear-ended on Highway 70 on Friday. No kids were seriously hurt in that accident.

Authorities say the bus drivers were not at fault in either case, and both followed the school's emergency response plan.

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