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Saving takes time, and there are a lot of tips out there. The main thing is to not try every single tip all at once. You'll tire yourself out and it'll become a pain. Instead, try one tip or two every week. Expand out to see what works.

But first, write down everything you spend money on. This will give you a real sense of what you're spending money on, and how much! And you might surprise yourself. It might be painful to actually realize how much of your hard earned cash is flying out of your pockets. But it's better than getting a surprise later on... one that you may not like, according to Dr. Kevin Simmons, Chairman of the Economics Department at Austin College in Sherman.

"When you think about trying to build a family budget, it's fairly obvious. Most people know they should spend less than they earn," he says.

"The issue comes up of having the discipline or willpower to do that."

A lot of college students are learning how to budget, and this will help them later in life.

Mary-Colette Schuckhart says, "It's pretty difficult because in high school I never learned how to do that, then I came [to college] and I was on my own, and I didn't know how to get that together."

One mom we talked to says, "My mom taught me when I was younger." Karyn Maloney says that clipping coupons and figuring out how to budget is actually fun!

"The other day, I got mustard for 10 cents a bottle! Doubling, tripling coupons -- I adore that! It's like a drug!" she said.

At the grocery store, Debbie Coffey, store director at Albertson's in Sherman, says, "We have bread, 10 for $10, nutritional snacks, milk 10 for $10."

Coffey admits that she even buys everything that's on sale.

"When we have a good ad it lets us know we are giving good value for [your] hard-earned dollar."

And the grocery store is where many people can save a lot of money!!!

We did some digging, and found a few Internet sites that may be of interest to you. The first is called 101waystosavemoney.com. (101 Ways to Save Money).

Now, as we talked about on First News AM, is there such a way to get groceries CHEAP???

According to a website we can across called nocouponclipping.com (No Coupon Clipping), a man describes a way for you to download a program in order to get huge savings at the checkout counter! Give it a try. Like we mentioned before, there's no harm in trying!

On the 101 Ways to Save Money site, there are great suggestions on how to dine out for less, gift giving ideas that are less expensive, you name it!!!

Links to both sites available under "Related Links".

Spend less, save a lot, and make sure you WATCH our second part story, "Budgeting for the Long Haul." We will talk to a homeowner in Texoma who is bringing a new way to build houses to our area. With this technology (which isn't new, by the way) he'll save at least $500 a month on his electric bill! Wow! And for those of us who aren't building this type of new home, make sure you tune in on Thursday. We'll have some tips on ways to make your own home more energy efficient so you can STOP paying huge amounts to the electric company!

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