Grayson Co. officially supporting municipal utility districts

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SHERMAN -- Grayson County is taking steps to manage the growth of potentially 50,000 people.

The Texas Legislature continues to discuss municipal utility districts, and Grayson County leaders are now officially supporting the districts.

With twenty-seven days left in the Legislature's regular session, Grayson County leaders say they are running out of time to pass resolutions to give to Representative Larry Phillips and Senator Craig Estes.

But today, commissioners signed on the dotted line and now wait for lawmakers to act.

County commissioners held a special meeting today to hear from developers and school districts.

The court passed a resolution saying they would support ten of the eleven districts in Howe and Gunter, pending Howe ISD’s written approval.

Grayson County is the first in the state to ask for school and city support when creating the districts.

The agreement would also require the developer to pay for any road damage in the process of construction.

County leaders say this is one way to properly manage growth.

"We've been in negotiation for several months with all of these, and one of the things that the judge said in the beginning and we've all agreed with is that all of us need to be together on this and we need a letter of intent from the schools and from the cities saying that they're ready to move forward in support," said Grayson County Precinct One commissioner Johnny Waldrip.

One district, the Four Seasons Ranch proposed for southwestern Grayson County, was not included in the resolution.

Commissioners say the developers did not want to negotiate with the county, so county leaders are asking Texas lawmakers not to support the district.

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