Spray Paint Protest in Dickson

4-30-04 - A sign along a Dickson highway is attracting lots of attention. Hand-painted by a property owner, the sign takes a shot at the Dickson mayor and city council. But some neighbors say it gives the entire community a black eye.

Located just off highway 199, Don Williams painted the statement “Kiss my glass, Dickson Mayor, Clerk and Trustees” but the "gl" in glass is written in small letters. He says its a protest against the city’s attempts to get him to re-zone his property to commercial. The city has also declared his lot as a public nuisance. He says, "They’re just claiming I'm commercial because they want to harass me and keep me from operating any business. They are discriminating against me.”

But neighbors say the sign is tasteless and degrading. And city leaders told us off-camera that they are not out to get anyone amd only want the property zoned correctly.

Both sides say they will file lawsuits in the property zoning fight.