Denton parents arrested in Missouri

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Two Texans are in a Missouri jail after running from police across several states. Denton police say Pamela Sell and Jason Stein were scheduled to appear at a CPS hearing April 16th. They never showed up, and police say they fled to Missouri instead.

Police say the two drove to Madill, through Oklahoma City, and Tulsa, finally ending up in Neosho, Missouri, near Joplin. That's where Neosho police say they caught Stein was trying to buy marijuana two days ago.

Pamela Sell and Jason Stein were arrested for interfering with child custody. Denton police say both Sell and Stein had warrants for child endangerment, for smoking meth in front of their three children. Stein also faces drug possession charges.

Denton police say Sell and Stein have another CPS hearing scheduled for next week for custody of their children. No word if Missouri authorities will prosecute for the newer drug charges or when they'll extradite Sell and Stein.

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