Joining in prayer

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DENISON – People from across the country took time to participate in a national day of prayer on Thursday, and residents in Denison made sure to take part in it.

The event is in its 56th year, and this year everyone made sure to focus and pray on the future of the country.

This year’s theme is ‘America, unite in prayer’. Most across the country are praying for the safety of the troops overseas.

But here in Denison, this year’s event meant a little more than that.

Members from various churches and a local Boy Scout troop gathered at Waterloo Park to take part in the national event.

Those who came said they felt that praying for wise leadership in our country was a main focus, but they also wanted to take time and pray for the family of Denison teen Sean Fryar, whose body was found in the lake two weeks ago.

Organizers say they wanted to gather together at the site of such tragic events to remember the life of teen that meant so much to everyone.

"We want to be sure and remember his family and his legacy as we celebrate on national prayer day too," said organizer Tom Redwine.

Along with the festivities here, all fifty states had a ceremony, one of which included President Bush, who asked for everyone to pray for the safety of the troops fighting in Iraq.

The Coffey Memorial Church of God in Christ of Denison helped organize the event.

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