Warning shot scares intruder

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SHERMAN -- A Sherman store owner went to great lengths to protect his life and livelihood. The business owner says he had no choice but to take matters into his own hands and says he's learned to be prepared.

Daniel Gonzalez says he bought a gun after being robbed at gunpoint at his store in Dallas. He was glad he had it nearby during last night's break in.

Gonzalez and his wife own Sherman Jewelry, doing repairs on bracelets and necklaces. He sleeps in the back of the shop on nights he works late like he did Thursday night.

"I heard some knocks and thought she was here, thought I'm kind of tired, it's not already 9:00 but then I heard some other knocks and heard the window crack and said that's not my wife," Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez grabbed his handgun he keeps for security and confronted the intruder, and told the man to get back.

"I caught his attention, showed him my gun, but he still came towards me, so i fired a warning shot into the wall, and he freaked out."

One shot was all it took. The intruder crawled back through the broken window and drove off after Gonzalez wrote down his license plate number. Police later arrested 18-year-old Colton Franks after a sheriff's deputy pulled him over for driving while intoxicated.

After interviewing him, the deputy realized his description fit the Sherman police bulletin.

"He could've easily taken a man's life and chose to inflict harm but instead fired into the wall and that was enough to chase the burglar off," said Sgt. Bruce Dawsey of the Sherman police department.

Gonzalez says he's glad he was able to protect his property.

"No jewelry is worth somebody's life, but if you're being threatened you need to react and act accordingly."

This wasn't the first time either. Gonzalez moved from Dallas after two armed robberies at his jewelry store.
"I figured if I moved a bit further north it may not happen here but I guess crime runs all over the place."

Gonzalez says he's glad no one was hurt and hopes his intruder learns his lesson and doesn't do it again.

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