Pottsboro High theft

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Forty-five thousand dollars of equipment was stolen from the Pottsboro High School, now police say a student is to blame.

Police say the suspect broke into the school last weekend ,using a stolen key.

They say several laptops, projectors and cash were taken from the school.

The building is equipped with outdoor surveillance cameras, but they did not catch anyone on tape.

Police say after interviewing students, they arrested 18 year old Marc Anthony Allison, Friday, but they are still looking for more suspects.

"Due to the magnitude of this crime it's hard to believe that one person would have the ability to complete it by himself. There are other persons of interest we're currently investigating and we'll continue investigating and get all the parties identified," Chief Brett Arteburn.

Police say since the burglary, school officials have installed new locks in the school.

They haven't recovered any of the stolen equipment.

Pottsboro Police are asking the public to contact them with any information.

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