Inspiration of Disney Movie Visits Ardmore

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ARDMORE - Pixar's movie "Cars" was a big hit in 2006, and the man who inspired the movie is in Texoma this week. Michael Wallis is the author of "Route 66," which inspired the film.

Wallis is in Ardmore to promote his new book, "Billy the Kid, the Endless Rider," but he said he was happy to look back at "Route 66," which he said gave popularity to a part of Oklahoma.

"Cars" was one of the biggest films of 2006, but Wallis said it was also about Oklahoma's highway, Route 66.

"My book route 66 the mother road was originally poublished in nineteen ninety and helped revive the old highway."

The Tulsa native said he wanted the 410 Oklahoma miiles of Route 66 to take center stage in the movie.

"As I took the pixar crew to route 66 and introduced them to people and showed them places I gave them my road they took it in big gulps and byes and devored every morsel."

One author said the film encourages people who liked the blockbuster to read, and learn the history of the highway.

"I think it makes people want to pick up the book. They see the film they enjoy it and pick up both books the mother route 66 and the book about the making of cars."

Wallis will sign his book Monday afternoon at 3:00 PM, at the Chickasaw Regional Library system in Ardmore.