Morning storms result in flash flooding

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By eight o'clock this morning, we already had reports of flash flooding, with eastern Bryan and Atoka County the hardest hit.

Proving the dangers of driving in the high water, a woman had to be rescued on Woodcraft Road in Bennington in eastern Bryan County when her car failed to make it through the high water.

Officials say the flash flooding can happen in just minutes when you least expect it, so take extra precautions when you see water on the road.

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"It doesn't take but about six inches of water to completely take a car off the roadway and it's just not worth it. Nobody’s in that big a hurry. Stop, turn around, and go a different direction," advised Durant Fire Chief Steve Dow.

In Whitesboro south of Highway 82, roads near the high school had several inches of standing water as the storm came through.

The water caused wakes as tall as trucks and SUVs and was running downhill into ditches and onto the road.

Also contributing to the flash flooding were reports also of quarter-sized hail in Sadler. No word yet on the extent of damage in the area.

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