Flooding in Stringtown

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STRINGTOWN, Okla. -- Flooding was a problem for many across the area, and Bryan and Atoka Counties appear to be the hardest hit.

Many families, like the Kelloggs, faced severe flooding as the rain soaked Southern Oklahoma.

Linda and Jimmy Kellogg have lived in Stringtown for a long time.

By midday, Jimmy's rain gage had already trapped more than five inches of rain, causing low-lying areas to quickly become instant oceans.

The Kellogg’s say storms like this are few and far between.

"One night the house next to here got rain up to the back door, looks like it got in here this time.

"People describe this rain as relentless, with flooding in all areas here. With more rain expected, people around here are bracing for the worst.”

Kenny Jack lost several calves because of the flooding. He tried his best to save them, but it was already too late.

Road crews worked hard making sure drivers were safe.

The fast-moving water created new streams anywhere it could.

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