Dividing highway at a crossroads

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SHERMAN/DENISON -- Traffic issues at a major Grayson County intersection already has the attention of local transportation officials.

Now they want federal funding to help support the mid-city corridor's future at the intersection of Highway 619 and US 75.

When Texoma Medical Center administrators announced their plans to build a new hospital at the intersection of Highway 691 and US 75, area transportation coordinators saw a need to expand the two-lane road, Highway 691, and they're hoping federal funding will help them do that.

Sherman/Denison Metropolitan Planning Organization officials applied for a federal grant in April requesting $1.5 million to turn the two lane highway into a four lane road with a left turn lane.

Two million would be from the federal government; the rest from local funds.

Researchers anticipate at least 10,000 more cars traveling to the hospital everyday. Plus the new Cigna center is set to open this summer, employing about 1,700 people.

Now Sherman and Denison city councils are asking for a traffic study on the area to give to the federal highway administration as further support for the grant proposal.

"We think it's a very deserving project, and we're really hoping that we can receive the support and be selected for the completion of this project," said Robert Wood of Metropolitan Planning.

If both councils pass resolutions asking the MPO to conduct the traffic study, it won't use any taxpayer money.

If the grant is approved, transportation officials expect construction to start in September.

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