Roof ripped off S&S school

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SOUTHMAYD, Tex. -- High winds caused the roof at S&S Elementary in Southmayd to be ripped off. It looked like a scroll being peeled off the top of the building. The damage only affected the center part of the building, where second and third grade classes meet, and where the offices were located.

School officials canceled classes at the Elementary School for the rest of the week. Classes will resume on Monday.

"We have extensive damage on the middle building at the elementary school," said Bill Gentzel, S&S superintendent. "We're looking at a major project to fix it. This building here probably won't be opened up until school starts next year."

Witnesses say they heard the wind near the school, as the rain caused little visibility.

"Five minutes into the rain I saw this white sheet fly up---and I realized it was the roof," said Mario Lopez, who lives about a block from the school.

Power lines were also down in most of Southmayd, and most of the power was out, too.

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