Howe gets its first ‘Code Red’

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HOWE, Tex. -- Did you get an automated phone call last night?

Howe, Texas, is now just one of many to have an emergency notification system to call people when severe weather strikes.

The system is called "Code Red,” and right now Howe has more than 8,000 residents registered to receive a call-- just like they did last night.

Howe fire chief Jerry Campbell explains, "It’s a phone data base system, high speed Internet, it can deliver up to 60,000 calls an hour. You can do a pre-recorded message or do a message at one time for a certain area."

On Monday when Howe went under a tornado warning, the message went out to the people.

Of the nearly 9,000 registered residents, about half were contacted by telephone Monday night.

Chief Jerry Campbell says that's “a really good number.”

This is the first time ever the Code Red notification system has been activated since the city got the system back in November, and Chief Campbell says this is going to come in handy as we get further into severe weather season.

If you live in Howe or if you're in the Howe Independent School District, you can register for Code Red. Just drop by city hall and ask for the form. Fill it out with your name and a number you'd like to be reached at during a storm. You can even get the warning on your cell phone.

Sherman has something similar. It's not ‘Code Red’, but it's actually the reverse 9-1-1 system that you've heard about.

It’s also a telephone bank that the system operates off of, like Code Red, and Monday night several people in the Sherman area also got a notice of severe weather.