Nichols Defense Team Begins Their Case

5-03-04 - (McAlester, Oklahoma-AP) -- Attorneys for Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols have a big task ahead of them this week.
Prosecutors have rested their case -- a 29-day presentation of
reams of evidence, tearful testimony and gruesome descriptions.
Nichols' lawyers must now counter that mostly circumstantial
case, which prosecutors say links Nichols to the 1995 bombing of
the federal building.
A ruling by the judge has limited how far defense lawyers can go
with their theory of the involvement of unknown co-conspirators in
the attack.
Nichols is already serving a life term on federal conspiracy
charges. The current state murder trial could bring him the death
Meantime, Attorney General John Ashcroft is to speak today at
the dedication of a new federal building.