Hamill Recovering From Terrorist Captivity

(Ramstein Air Base, Germany-AP) -- A hospital spokeswoman says
Thomas Hamill is "doing good, very good" as he recovers from
three weeks of captivity in Iraq.

The official at the military's Landstuhl Regional Medical Center
in Germany says the American contractor is being treated and ought
to be ready to go home this week. Officials say he will be reunited
with his wife in Germany tomorrow.

The official says Hamill was taken to the medical center for a
checkup. Officials have said a gunshot wound to his right arm may
be infected.

The truck driver for a Halliburton subsidiary was captured April
ninth by gunmen who ambushed his convoy on the outskirts of

Hamill arrived at the US base in Germany hours before California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived for a visit with US troops.