"On Duty: The Nurses of Wilson N. Jones"

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We've all been in a hospital at some point or another as a visitor or patient. Most of the time it's the doctors that receive all the praise, but what about the nurses? This week is Nurse Appreciation Week, and we honor the men and women who strive to keep us in good health. Nicole Holt went behind the scenes as we begin our series “On Duty: The Nurses of Wilson N. Jones.”

From the front doors of the emergency room it's a race against time, for both the patient and the men and women trusted with your life.

The first stop is Triage.

"Very quick. You do a quick assessment where the patient needs to go next. You determine whether their going to be going out of the emergency room to the front if they're having chest pains or if they go to the back hall."

Lola Earley, RN at Wilson N. Jones says the emergency room sees about 140-160 patients a day. And within ten minutes in the triage unit, Doctors and Nurses know which patient needs to be admitted and which should see a general practitioner.

From blood pressure checks, to routine questions, nurses have one job that multi-folds. Not only to ease the pain, but fears as well.

The next stop: The emergency room.

Unlike the movies or even television shows, the emergency room is quite on this day. Only a few patients with minor illnesses and a lot of paperwork

"A lot of paperwork. The paperwork pulls you away from the bedside..."

Cinda Russell is the Charge Nurse on duty for the emergency room department. She says while it may be slow one minute, things can quickly change into a chaotic mess.

One of Cinda’s patients is in pain and needs morphine. She took me to the omni-cell, which holds narcotics.

Cinda says, "Since it's a narcotic we have to do a count to make sure it's right. The count is right. Since it's morphine it may burn a lot so well delude it with saline. The patient will complain of a burning sensation. So you need to take the needle off and I’ve got my morphine and add the saline That should delude it. Now we’ll go give her some pain medication."

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