Gunter’s leaders want to hear from you

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GUNTER, Tex. -- City officials in Gunter are making room for growth, including several new housing developments to be built in the next 10 to 12 years, but that requires some preparation.

So the city recently applied for a permit to build a waste water treatment plant for one of those anticipated developments, and now they are asking for residents' opinions.

Some 30,000 homes are expected to be built in southwestern Grayson County in the next decade. Before construction starts, Gunter city leaders say they want to be prepared.

Late last year, Gunter city leaders purchased a 30-acre piece of property along FM 121 with plans of building a wastewater treatment plant for the bridges development on the south side of the road.

The goal is to pump water up to the plant from the development and let gravity take it back down in order to irrigate the golf course, thereby using less water.

The city applied for a permit from the TCEQ back on November 21, a move that made some residents near the proposed site unhappy.

City leaders say they welcome the chance to hear from all residents during a public comment period.

Mayor Mark Millar says the plant would only take up two acres of the 30-acre plot and would not be allowed to discharge more than 950,000 gallons a day.

Any public comments about the proposed plant must be mailed within the next 30 days to the following address:

Office of the Chief Clerk
MC 105
P.O. Box 13087
Austin, TX 78711-3087

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