'Dynamic Drumming'

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SHERMAN -- Wakefield Elementary showed off their new music program at the Sherman ISD Building on Wednesday afternoon.

It’s called ‘Dynamic Drumming,’ and school teachers say that the new program is a ‘hit’.

Third and fourth grade students learn the basics of rhythm by playing choreographed drum routines to popular music.

Wakefield music teacher Lucinda Laro says that she wanted to try something a little different.

"They can all excel at it. You don't have to have anything but a willingness to work hard, and everyone can be a star in this program."

."I like it because it's not really a school thing; it's more like a band thing." said Natalie Weiss, student at Wakefield Elementary.

This is the first semester for ‘Dynamic Drumming’ at Wakefield Elementary, but Mrs. Laro says she hopes to continue the program over the next several years.

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