Sherman's storm drain stickers

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SHERMAN -- Keeping the water in Sherman clean is the goal of a new program in the city. Educational stickers are being placed on storm drains around the city to make sure residents know the dangers of dumping materials in the drains.

The city began placing stickers which read, “No dumping...leads to creeks” a couple of years ago on storm drains.

But it wasn't until recently that people around the city have begun to notice them.

It’s that awareness that Sherman City Officials want for a growing problem.

Grayson county environmental agent Jim White wants to make it very clear: dumping material in storm drains is illegal.

"The secret is education, if you don’t know you shouldn't do it, then you'll never know to stop, the City of Sherman is doing exactly what they are supposed to."

They are placing stickers around the city to remind everyone to keep the water clean because city officials say most do not know that trash that ends up in the drains will end up in creeks, streams, and ponds around the city.

"That’s probably the key distinction that we need to make, the water that rain washes all the litter and debris goes to the creeks and doesn’t get treated."

Grayson County officials say penalties for dumping range from small fines up to five years in prison for dumping motor oil.

Environmental leaders say the penalties are so harsh because cleaning water has become expensive.

"When you clean water, it’s very expensive, Mother Nature doesn't do a very good job and those days are gone."

The stickers were put out by the EPA, and city leaders feel this is the best way to educate the public.

Sherman city officials say the stickers don't cost that much, around $1,000 altogether, but that is a small price to pay to ensure that the water in the city is clean.

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