Bad candy

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MADILL -- A potentially fatal drug is being made to look like candy, and dealers are targeting kids.

Now local school officials are keeping a close eye out for any signs of this drug in our community.

It’s being made to look and taste just like candy, but its not.

What’s being called strawberry "quick" is actually a dangerous drug.

Drug dealers are targeting school age children by adding strawberry flavors to methamphetamine, and it doesn’t stop there.

Kids are easily fooled by the drug's appearance because it looks and tastes like a popular candy- ‘pop rocks’.

There are also chocolate, peanut butter, and even orange flavors.

Larger cities have been on the lookout. Even though it has not been here locally, law enforcement and school officials plan to keep an eye out for the very deceptive and dangerous drug

"I have heard chocolate flavored, mixing it with Coca-Cola , and it’s just as deadly as your regular meth if not more so. Because if the kids think they are eating candy, they are going to take more, and it could result in death," said chief Danny Westbrook of the Madill Schools Campus Police.

Meth use can lead to sleep deprivation and paranoia. It can also be fatal.

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