"On Duty: The Nurses of Wilson N. Jones ICU"

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We continue our segment On Duty: The Nurses of Wilson N. Jones. In Part II of our series we head to the Surgical Intensive Care Unit.

The Surgical ICU at Wilson N. Jones consist of nurses, who for 12 hours a day are devoted to you or your loved ones care.

There's no time to worry about themselves, especially when one of their patients life is on the line.

Lisa Ward RN, Wilson N. Jones says, "We are totally hands on here. We don't have aids and techs. The nurses do everything."

Every patient is treated with the same respect and care as the next.

“I think sometimes people forget that we're human beings just like they are. We have feelings too, and we like to laugh, sometimes when we're at work. But we're kind of like family up here, it's like our second home."

And like every other department, the amount of patients and care comes in waves.

"Well it's different every day you come to work. Like today, all our patients are stable. There’s not a lot of hustle and bustle it's kind of even. Then there's days when you hit the floor running and you don't get to sit down till three. Then you have maybe 10 minutes to eat your lunch, and then your back up on your feet again.""

The job doesn't end after 7:00 p.m. When they go home, the day’s events are fresh in their mind.

Lisa says, “My youngest daughter will say "How was your day? How are your patients? What kind of patients did you have? " Without going into detail, I’ll tell her. She’ll say 'are they okay?' Well yeah, they did okay today. But there's times I feel bad."

It's all in a days work. It's devotion, it's dedication, it's a day in the life of a nurse.

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