60 Years Later Vet Honored for Bravery

5-4-04 - A World War II veteran from Bonham has been awarded the Army's highest honor, 60 years after earning it during the Battle of the Bulge. John Sperry was a private in the European theater in the final months of the war when the Third Reich launched its final major offensive. Sperry saved several fellow soldiers when he helped them onto a truck, in the face of enemy opposition.

But when Sperry returned home, he moved on with his life and family. Only a few years ago did he and his wife discover a stack of papers buried deep within a drawer at his home. In that pile was a letter written by his commanding officer, recommending Sperry for the Bronze Cross.

In January, Sperry suffered a stroke and lost the ability to talk. But on Friday, his family surprised him with the cross, after pushing for the award through military channels. He was also presented with a number of other medals for his service. His family says those honors simply fell through the cracks after the war was over.