Putting GCC to vote

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The Saturday elections mark the first time in the 40-year history of the Grayson County College that a vote will be held for a general obligation bond.

Organizers say the decision to put campus improvements to a vote couldn't have come at a better time.

People who support the Grayson County College bond are surprised that this is the first countywide election upgrades to the college.

What they aren't surprised about is that changes are needed, and they hope voters see it the same way.

Last fall, Grayson County College invited 40 citizens to take a tour of the current facilities to see whether or not improvements needed to be made.

After making the rounds, the group called for a $44.79 million bond election to fund four initiatives:

-a new career and technology center
-renovation of the student and community life center
-additions to the arts and communications center
-general upgrades of infrastructure around the campus

Those in favor of the bond like Brad Douglass say the improvements that would be made if the bond is passed will go along way for a growing campus.

"It’s a budget we've looked at, it’s kind of the minimum of what we need to do at this point and time as we need to renovate to college and expand the different parts of the college."

As to how this will affect tax payers, if you own a $75,000 home, the bond will add around four dollars a month, translating to $52 per year. That value increases as the value of homes increase.

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