Prisoner Abuse - President's Spokesperson Apologizes

Iraqi Prisoner Abuse

(White House-AP) -- President Bush says he finds abuse of Iraqi
prisoners by U-S troops "abhorrent" -- and wants those responsible "brought to justice." But he's left the apology to his spokesman.

The president spoke to the Arab world today in two interviews with Arabic TV channels about the pictures showing naked and hooded prisoners.

Asked why he didn't issue an apology in either interview, Press
Secretary Scott McClellan replied, "I'm saying it for him." He
says, "The president was deeply sorry."

Speaking to the US government-owned Al Hurra network, Bush said the actions seen in the photos don't represent what most US servicemen and women do in Iraq. But he told the Dubai-based Al Aribiya network the abuse charge "reflects badly" on America.

Pressed by reporters, McClellan couldn't say when Bush was first
informed of the abuse charges. But he says only recently -- seeing
the pictures on TV -- did Bush realize how serious they were.