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By: Emi FitzGerald Email
By: Emi FitzGerald Email

DENISON -- A multi-million dollar bond package passed by one vote over the weekend. Now the community and the college are asking if that's just too close to call. Grayson College officials say it all came down to one paper ballot. Now they're questioning whether there should be a recount.

Grayson County College officials say they can't legally call for a recount, but if someone else were to ask for one, they would have to foot the bill.

College officials say they received six paper ballots, one of which was the deciding vote. The ballot in question was not sealed in an envelope so the Secretary of State determined that vote was thrown out.

Despite the invalid vote, the bond passed.

Some voters have complained about driving a long way to find a polling place.

College officials say they planned each place with population and voter turnout.

Shelle Cassell of Grayson County College said, "The college is very concerned that it was by one vote and that we feel very comfortable that we did everything correctly and we did kind of play with the idea of doing a recount ourselves and learned that we can't."

The board of trustees is scheduled to canvas the vote Wednesday morning, finalizing the election results.

College officials say the bond should take thirty days to process before starting design plans.

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  • by Brad Location: Denison on May 23, 2007 at 11:35 AM
    Becky, let me answer your question. A soda pop a day or give the money to the tax and spend liberals at GCC? I think I'll take the soad pop a day.
  • by Michelle Location: Denison on May 16, 2007 at 11:10 PM
    There is one thing I'm trying to figure out about everyone who is complaining about the polling locations. There were two weeks of early voting and if you felt that strongly about the election why didn't more people, even from rural areas, vote during this two-week period? I'm sure many of you came to Denison or Sherman sometime during that two-week period and could have taken an extra 10 minutes to vote if you really wanted your voices heard. I think the problem is that as usual, people always complain about the problems but don't want to take their precious time to actually do something about it and vote. Decisions are made by those who show up!
  • by Taxpayer Location: Grayson County on May 16, 2007 at 11:14 AM
    Why do we have to "Press 1 for English"? And since when do we vote "Si" on a ballot? I wonder how many students voted "Si" who only have a student visa to attend school here? I know several foriegn students receive money from Grayson County taxpayers to attend school here; many of these foreign students have no intention of staying in the US after graduation. Could one of these votes be the 1 vote we are talking about?
  • by Rebecca Location: Sherman on May 16, 2007 at 10:05 AM
    Well George I voted and I voted FOR the bond, so now you know one person who did. I have seen the dismal buildings at GCC since I have an associate degree from Grayson. I was delighted to have had the opportunity to obtain my associate degree close to home and for a reasonable cost. My two children also attended GCC and had a wonderful educational experience with exceptionally qualified and interested instructors, friendly staff, and even dorms available (which is a rarity and a tremendous asset). The College is a valued community resource and one that we should all be proud to improve for the few dollars it will cost us (for most of us, less than what we spend on soda pop per DAY will pay for the tax increase for a whole month!). Isn't the future of Grayson County, our families, our friends, and our children worth more than a couple of bottles of soda pop?
  • by PAul Location: Tioga on May 16, 2007 at 07:46 AM
    A re count is not what is needed. A complete new elction should be held. College officials say they "planned the places with population." It appears more like they avoided the places where they would face opposition,perhaps the people in the rural communities should decline to pay their taxes since they were not allowed a reasonable opportunity to vote
  • by FYI Location: Grayson County on May 16, 2007 at 07:32 AM
    State of Texas Procedures to Request and Conduct a Recount http://www.sos.state.tx.us/elections/laws/ recounts.shtml
  • by Mark Location: Whitesboro on May 16, 2007 at 07:25 AM
    RECOUNT! RECOUNT! RECOUNT! Where did the paper ballots come from? When I voted i used a machine. The tax payers have to dig into their own pockets to pay for recount or be taxed to death.
  • by George Location: Sherman on May 15, 2007 at 07:22 PM
    Let's see. Grayson College calls for a $40 Million bond vote. They count their own ballots. It wins by ONE vote. I didn't talk to ANYONE who voted for the tax increase. I'm I the only one who sees something wrong here?????
  • by Anonymous on May 15, 2007 at 06:37 PM
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