Power of prayer

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An update to a little boy who's grabbed the hearts of so many.
You know his name and his face--Conner McDougall. Now, one year after the wreck that nearly took his life, he's proving miracles can happen.

With hope in their hearts, and the spirit of family, the congregation of the First Baptist Church in Ardmore gathers every week, in prayer.

But in the past year, this group was united with hope for little Conner's recovery.

"We all looked at them and were so happy blessed with 2 wonderful children just the ideal situation," said Dr. Alton Fannin, Pastor First Baptist Church in Ardmore.

Sonya and Chris McDougall were what some called the perfect family.
But on May 19th, 2006, tragedy in a split second, left Sonya a widow and Conner clinging to life.

Dr. Bradley Weprin, is a Brain, Spinal Cord Specialist at Childrens Hospital, Dallas.

""In Conner's instance, he underwent a round of studies came to ICU where critical doctors worked on him.""

When Conner arrived at Childrens' Hospital in Dallas...

"He had an injury between first and second cervical vertibra and skull and first cervical vertibra.. he basically ripped ligaments between the bones and ... basically tore it apart," Weprin said.

Doctors had to do immediate surgery, first stasbilizing him with a breathing tube, then fusing the bones of his vertebrae back in place.

""The bones are so small and the head it's like trying to fuse a bowling ball ito a pencil.."

Conner wouldl now have limited movement of his head for the rest of his life. But doctors had even more serious issues--whether Conner would ever be able to move, swallow, eat or even breathe on his own. And Sonya had to decide whether to hang on, or let go.

""My concern for her for Conner was a toddler who had a thinking brain but no movement.... I told her you have your own decision there nothing wrong with saying I don't want to live this way and remove support I wouldn't find fault in that. I also told her she had the optoin of going full throttle.. ""

With the medicine sometimes comes the miracle.. and the power of prayer... that pulled a family and congretation together.

""In all the years I've been a pastor about 35 I've never seen a tragedy with greater impact or individual person life or a congregation life," Dr. Alton Fannin said.

Fannin, the pastor of First Baptist Church in Ardmore, has known the McDougall family for 15 years. He was with Sonya step by step in the hospital, praying for guidance, praying for a miracle. And in May of last year, helping Sonya choose life for Conner.

"About 70 days into this journey I finally got a word I believe applies directly to Conner.. this word is from .. apostle Paul," Fannin said.

Those who believe, say God has a plan for Conner, and that plan is to use what was a tragedy and turn it into a larger miracle.

"He has already rallied thousands who will give praise to God because we know without God's miracle he won't walk back in here .. but with Gods miracle he's going to walk in this audiorium."

A big dream for a little boy, who's overcome so much.
And a mother whose belief in God carries her through.

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