Defense Team - Nichols was the Fall Guy

(McAlester-AP) -- Attorneys for Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols began their case Thursday by comparing Nichols to John Doe Number Two.

Nichols doesn't resemble the sketch of a stocky man with dark hair who some people say they saw with Timothy McVeigh in the days
before the bombing.

FBI sketch artist Robert Rozycki said the sketch is based on a description by a Junction City, Kansas, body shop employee. McVeigh rented the Ryder truck used in the bombing from the shop.

Defense attorneys say McVeigh had other conspirators and Nichols
was set up to take the blame.

Earlier today, Judge Steven Taylor said he'll allow testing on fingerprints found in McVeigh's car and a hotel room where he stayed days before the bombing. The defense says the unidentified prints could belong to a gang of bank robbers they believe helped McVeigh.