Rumsfeld: "I take full responsibility"

05-07-04 -(Capitol Hill-AP) -- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says the U-S military was more open about the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal
than critics have claimed.
Rumsfeld is testifying before a Senate panel about the scandal,
and accusations that administration officials didn't inform
Congress about the allegations.
Rumsfeld says when a U-S soldier came forward in January with
allegations of abuse at a Baghdad-area prison, U-S military
officials "told the world" about them -- and that they were being
investigated. He says the idea that the story was "broken" by the
media isn't true.
The Red Cross earlier said it had warned U-S officials about
alleged abuses more than a year ago. Rumsfeld says the agency's
report was "helpful," and that officials at the Baghdad-area
prison began making "corrections" based on the agency's