Rangers Stepping in on Cold Case

5-12-04 - On the two-year anniversary of the murder of a Fannin County woman, the family of Jennifer Harris is hopeful a special cold case unit can find her killer.

Fisherman discovered Harris’ body in the Red River in May of 2002, one week after she disappeared. Although authorities did question at least two suspects, two years later they have yet to make an arrest.

But soon, the Texas Rangers Cold Crimes Unit will pick up the investigation. Created just two years ago, the elite task force has solved half a dozen murders.

Jennifer’s family admits frustration has set in and that they feel investigators made mistakes in the beginning. But Jerry Harris has stayed close to his daughter’s investigation all along, and is hopeful the Rangers can find new leads that may have been overlooked.

But the challenge will be great. Aside from Jennifer's Jeep, which was found abandoned at Lake Bonham, there was very little evidence. The killer dumped Jennifer's body in the Red River and by the time it was found, time and nature had erased vital clues - even the cause of death.

The Texas Rangers have already spoken with Jennifer’s father and will relocate to Fannin County soon. Meanwhile, the Harris family is offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading to a conviction.