New tabernacle at Falls Creek

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DAVIS, Okla. --A nationally known church camp is unveiling a new place to spread the word.

For 90 years those who attended Falls Creek Baptist church camp were forced to worship outside, but when the first campers of the summer moved in this week, they welcomed a new multi-million dollar tabernacle. It’s a place officials hope will allow them to spread God's word year around.

Ninety years ago, two men stood on a hill in the Arbuckle Mountains praying to show them a bigger purpose for the acres of beauty.

Since then hundreds of thousands of youth have walked through the gates, finding their way to Christ.

While the message remains the same. The way of worship is ever changing, and in 2007, the 40,000+ campers who call Falls Creek home for a week will have a new place to raise their voices.

In 1999, members of the Baptist General Convention dreamed of a place where they could do god's work 365 days a year. Eight years later, that place is here, built solely by donations.

The $24 million facility seats more than 7,200 people.

The tabernacle allows officials to incorporate video and sound with the message, a quality that appeals to the younger generation.

The two men on their knees that day in 1917 probably never fathomed their prayer would turn into a place like this, but believers know who deserves the credit.

"Falls Creek blessed by God. He seems to be answering."

The tabernacle is just the first phase of what will be a conference center. Officials plan to open it up for the public and private corporations to use.

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