Changes ahead for busy Sherman intersection

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SHERMAN -- Many describe the intersection of Highway 56 and FM 1417 in Sherman as “confusing”, “congested”, and “in desperate need of correction”. But, a TXDOT project is about to change that.

The project at Highway 56 and FM 1417 will take some time to complete, but TXDOT officials say just watch out for the road signs, use extra caution, and stay safe.

"There have been a lot of accident in this area; I don't know if it's all due to the intersection, it's a very heavily traveled road,” says Harvest Time Assembly of God Pastor Irby McKnight.

Whether you believe this is a dangerous place to drive, there's a lot of confusion of which way to turn and which way to go, especially to newcomers in town.

That's why the Texas Department of Transportation will soon begin revising the area, adding four new ramps and building a new overpass structure on FM 1417.

On Highway 56, it will be vertically aligned to improve visibility, and signals will be installed at the newly constructed ramp intersections.

Pastor Irby McKnight will be glad to see changes come. Since he moved his church here along FM 1417 six years ago, he's seen his church - and the area around it - change and grow.

"We’ve had a lot of development here, and more to come, and I really am thankful to TXDOT for redoing the intersection."

Kevin Harris of TXDOT says safety is their number one concern.

"There are several phases to the project, traffic patterns are going to be changed, and motorists need to be aware of those patterns."

The work is supposed to start June 4th, and over the course of a year workers will have signs up, police on patrol, and warnings for you to watch out.

"This will be a lot clearer, more conventional, type intersection."

As for Pastor Irby, he knows this summer will be busy and congested with all the construction.

“But hopefully it'll be busy because they're coming here."

With all the severe weather lately, the rain may push back the completion of this road update project that many say is so badly needed.

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