Flash flooding in Ardmore

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- Ardmore residents are reeling from the deluge of rain. Drainage systems are having a hard time absorbing all the rainwater, which means flooding all over the city.

All the rainfall has made for greener trees and grass, but it's not so good for Ardmore’s aging storm systems.

"All of a sudden the water is being restricted to a smaller pipe so that water backs up," says Ardmore city engineer Wayne Busma.

City engineers say that when the groundwork was designed back in the 1930's, the plans did not include drains large enough to handle the amounts of rain we are experiencing now.

That’s why several streets, like Broadway, Sam Noble Parkway, and parts of Commerce end up looking more like pools than roads.

Fixing the problem isn't easy or cheap.

"4th and Commerce, we know were looking at one million dollars to try and fix that little segment," said Busma.

That's just the price tag for one block. With so many streets to be fixed, city officials say they can't make any improvements until next year's budget is approved.

Flooding is also affecting houses that were built lower than the street, another design flaw made several decades ago.

"After all the rain we had this morning, it was running curb deep."

Alvin Hardison has lived in one of these older homes for 50 years. He's no stranger to flooding, so he made some 'home' improvements

"I had the driveway put in… I put this concrete in, and I rebuilt the steps to stop the water from coming into the house."

Hardison has spent more than $7,000 in improvements, but after the hard rains we've had recently, he says the benefits out weight the cost, and keeping the water out of his house is just part of being a homeowner.

"I feel like it’s your responsibility to take care of it, get it off your property if you can… The city can’t be liable for everything.”

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