Governor Speaks at Graduation

5-15-04- Governor Brad Henry had a clear message for graduates at Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant Saturday. He urged the graduates to give thanks and give back to their communities.

Governor Henry spoke to thousands of people at the S.O.S.U. Saturday morning. In his commencement address, Henry gave the graduates advice for the future and emphasized giving back to the community.

He repeated the idea that "service is the rent you pay for the space you occupy." It's a saying that pushed him in to politics and has kept him pushing forward with legislation he feels is important.

Gov. Henry continues to lobby lawmakers to pass a state tobacco tax. The tax would raise $140,000,000 for health care initiatives to build a world class cancer research center and provide premium assistance to businesses to help cover workers and enhance trauma care.

Gov. Henry's commencement speech Saturday is the only one he will give this year.