Sherman food bank needs help

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SHERMAN – A Sherman food bank running low on canned goods is asking for the community’s help.

Officials at the key care mission food bank on Houston Street say in the last couple of weeks, the shelter has had more families come through than ever.

Those increased numbers mean a decrease in the amount of food they have. That’s why they are asking for your help.

The group is looking for anything from canned goods to cereal...even toothpaste; anything that could help families in need.

Key Care Mission Food Bank Director, Cathye Ballou says giving just a few items can make a struggling family’s day.

“When you see kids coming in and leaving with food, they look at their parents and say, ‘We're gonna have something to eat tonight’, it just breaks your heart so if anyone out there would like to donate, we would love to have people donate here."

The food bank is open every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1-4 p.m.

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