Brand new cell phones

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. -- Grayson County officials are upgrading their cell phones in hopes of quickening response times and cutting costs.

County leaders have switched to a Sprint-Nextel phone, which cost around $30 apiece in order to communicate both by cell phone and radio.

Officials say the new phones could cut costs because when they use the phones as two way radios minutes are not used.

They say this will also help them avoid busy signals during emergency situations when communication is most critical.

Johnny Waldrip, Grayson County Precinct 1 Commissioner, says, "Everybody gets on the cell phone and blocks the system with this, we have a radio frequency with this phone that we can call each other and talk to each other on the radio we don’t have to go to the cell phone."

About 80 officials already have the new phones.

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