A hero a long way from home

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CHICAGO, Ill. -- A small town guy ends up being a big city hero hundreds of miles from home. Lone Grove, Oklahoma, native Leslie Fleming, 32, wouldn't allow a murder suspect to dodge the handcuffs of police.

Early Monday morning, Kane County authorities responded to calls of a man breaking windows. Fleming was living nearby, heard the commotion, and rushed to help.

When police arrived they found Fleming wrestling with murder suspect Hector Mauricio, holding him down until officers arrived.

Fleming said that he heard some unusual noises around 1:30 a.m. So he took his flashlight and crossed the street, where he noticed a broken basement window.

That's when he saw Mauricio and pulled him by his hair through the broken window, then held him down and waited for authorities...

"He tried to get away and I wouldn’t let him. So he tried to fight, and I wouldn’t let him. So I pinned him on the ground," said Lone Grove native Leslie Fleming.

The 83-year old man who lived in the house was found dead inside. He was a World War II veteran, but police say Fleming may have saved other lives by his heroic actions.

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