Man rescued at Eisenhower State Park

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DENISON, Tex. -- A Pottsboro man was rescued today after falling thirty feet into Lake Texoma. Authorities say they managed to save the man's life, and our own Emi FitzGerald captured the rescue on video.

Eisenhower State Park rangers say the man was standing on a cliff shooting a gun Friday afternoon when he fell off and into the water of Lake Texoma.

They say they weren't too surprised to find that alcohol was involved in the bizarre incident.

Rangers say they received reports of shots being fired at the park around noon Friday.

When they arrived, they discovered a man had slipped about thirty feet off the cliff onto ground near the bank of the lake.

They found his gun nearby, and say no one else was involved. Rescue crews found it was easier to reach the man by boat.

He was taken to Texoma Medical Center but officials say he didn't appear to have life threatening injuries.

Park rangers say the ground at the park is slippery after the recent rain, which along with the alcohol, contributed to the man's fall.

Because of the slick conditions, rangers advise all visitors to watch their footing.

"The area around the bluffs is very muddy. So we don't know if it was on accident or on purpose but he ended up at the bottom of a 30-foot cliff. You can see skid marks from the top of the cliff to where he ended up," said park ranger Park Kisel.

The park rangers aren't releasing the man's identity but say he's from Pottsboro and in his 40's.

They are still investigating why the man was firing his gun.

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