American Soldier: Guilty On All Counts

Iraqi Prisoner Abuse

05-19-04 - (Baghdad, Iraq-AP) A special court-martial in Baghdad has
sentenced American solider, Jeremy Sivits, to the maximum of one year in prison, a reduction in rank and a bad-conduct discharge.

Sivits had pleaded guilty to three counts of abusing prisoners in Iraq. He's the first soldier to stand trial since the scandal began over the alleged mistreatment of Iraqi detainees by US soldiers.

The 24-year-old broke down in tears as he apologized to the Iraqi people. Sivits has said he took some of the pictures of naked detainees being humiliated by U-S servicemen. His lawyer had asked the judge for a lenient sentence, saying Sivits could be rehabilitated.

Sivits said, "I should have protected those detainees, not aken the photos." He added that he's learned "huge lessons."

Three other US soldiers were arraigned on charges stemming from the abuse.