Demolition of old DHS in final phase

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DENISON, Tex. -- Crews brought in heavy machinery for the final phase of the demolition Tuesday and began tearing down the northwest corner of the high school.

Denison dentist Lee Clayton took the first shot at the building Tuesday morning. Dr. Clayton says he asked to do the honors after describing the building as an “eyesore” for the past 25 years.

Other residents had mixed emotions since the building has historic significance in the city and hope whatever is built in its place will have the same charm as this old building.

Bobby Gene York, who lives near the old high school says, "I hope they put the new library there, but I hope they build it kind of like the old school with the same mission style and so all the historical point of view won't be lost."

Crews built a fence around the Sam Houston tree on the southwest corner of the property to make sure it isn't destroyed with the building.

The tree was planted in 1936 to commemorate the Texas Centennial.

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