Five & dime store turns 75 in Caddo

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CADDO, OK -- A Caddo business is celebrating 75 years of having its doors open, but for those who stop in to shop at this unique store, it's more than just a place to spend their money. Maddie Garrett has more.

Craigheads Five and Dime is a little piece of history in the heart of Caddo, and they must be doing something right after staying in business for 75 years now.

For anyone who drops in, they'll tell you it's not just the great values that keep them running.

From the minute you walk through the door of Craigheads Five & Dime, a friendly greeting isn't all you'll get.

"It has a variety of merchandise that appeals to a lot of different people, but I think the nostalgic part of it mostly, it's just something people can relate back to their childhood," owner Belinda Davidson says.

For 75 years Craigheads Five and Dime has been a familiar staple on Caddo's main drag. Agnes Niswonger, who was born and raised in Caddo, has been a faithful customer since they opened.

"Just coming through and being born here, they've got to come to Craigheads, and they come back their memories are of Craigheads," Agnes says.

Owner Belinda Davison feels the nostalgia makes her old store a special place to stop by. Vintage toys and collectibles from the World War II era are just a few of the treasures tucked away in Craigheads.

From their original vintage merchandise to new holiday trinkets, Craigheads has seen generations of customers come and go, but one thing that hasn't changed is their family values and good customer service.

"I love to come in and see them, each and every one of them, the family just works together on this, and she has worked so hard, for years for the town for the betterment," Agnes says.

Belinda and her husband bought the clerk store from the Craigheads seven years ago, but it's been a part of her all her life.

"I have a special Craigheads story, and I kind of collect them different people who come in will tell their Craigheads story," she says.

The original 100-year-old floor, ceiling and counter tops are still in place, and if these walls could talk, it would be a timeless story that rests in the hearts of those who stop in.

"It is a personal connection that people have with the store. They connect to the store in a way that's different than your normal way of going out to shop," Davidson says.

"It's reliving a memory and creating a new one."

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