Recreating Head-on Train Collision

5-21-04 - Investigators spend Friday re-creating the scene of a deadly train accident near Gunter, Texas. Investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board are trying to figure out when engineers on both trains saw the other locomotive coming.

Using two locomotives, they began at the point of impact and then backed the trains up to determine the line of sight. The southbound train, which was carrying more than two-dozen cars loaded with rock, had stopped just a few miles before in Dorchester before the collision.

One engineer was killed and four other crewmen were injured in the collision and derailment.

NTSB investigators have found the data recorders, known as black boxes, and shipped them to Washington D.C. for analysis.

Two of the injured crewmen have been released from the hospital. Investigators hope to interview the other injured men next week.

The on-site investigation should wrap up by Sunday, but the entire analysis could last from six months to one year.