Pottsboro Power Outage

5-23-04- A power line caught fire in Pottsboro late Saturday night and left more than 500 homes and businesses without power for nearly two hours. The line went down near a neighborhood and a major highway and kept emergency crews busy most of the night.

Sunday, a TXU Energy spokesperson reports that high winds blew a tree limb into the lines over Magnolia Street near Highway 120 in the Pottsboro city limits. That caused a spark and the lines caught fire and fell onto Magnolia Street.

Several people in the area reported hearing loud explosions and seeing sparks, but Pottsboro emergency crews reported no damage or injuries. Highway 120 was closed for about 45 minutes Saturday night, to keep cars away from the downed power line.

TXU says power was restored to all 500 customers by 1:00 a.m.