Carter Co. Launches Warrant Round-up

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ARDMORE -- Carter County sheriff deputies are in the middle of a warrant round up. The law enforcement agency is taking a more aggressive stance on people with outstanding costs and fines warrants. Shelby Levins reports.

Carter County sheriff deputies tell us thousands and thousands of dollars are owed to the district court in outstanding fines and court costs, so they're coming after people with arrest warrants. This round up launched Thursday night, and officials say this is just the beginning.

Carter County Sheriff's Deputy Shannon Davis is captain of the reserve division, and overseeing this warrant round up. He says just one group of warrants for unpaid costs and fines stacks more than a hundred high.

"They made a promise to pay their fines and they failed to do so. So now we're out recovering losses for the state of Oklahoma and arresting the people that should have paid their fines in the first place,” Deputy Davis explained.

Thursday night Deputy Davis and his team of reservists launched the warrant round up. Davis says they served 36 arrests warrants and made 10 arrests, and they don't plan on slow down.

"You're going to run, you're going to hide, it's a big game of hide and seek. Eventually we're going to find you or another agency is going to find you. So if you move to Oklahoma City, you'll be arrested there and transported back to Carter County so eventually you're going to be caught,” Deputy Davis said.

Davis says the residents with outstanding costs and fines warrants owe the court any where from a $100 to more than $50,000. But the officers out recouping the lost court fees and felony fines are reservists who aren't getting paid a dime.

"We feel good every time we can help out, especially the reserves. These guys come in and they do it for free. This is their way of contributing back to their community,” Deputy Davis explained.

Davis says if you owe fines or fees, don't make deputies come after you. Do the right thing and pay the money you owe.

"Come down to the sheriff's office, we're open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, turn yourself in and pay your fines and costs,” Deputy Davis said.

And with the high number of outstanding fines and costs warrants, Davis says the department is looking at creating a permanent reservist round up team, so instead of launching these operations once or twice a year, they'll works to serve arrests warrants more often.

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