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PAULS VALLEY, Okla. -- Southern Oklahoma and North Texas are home to some of the best horse trainers. Now some local investors want to give them a chance to showcase their talents to the rest of the world.

Nedpoint Quarter Horses in Pauls Valley have been importing and exporting horses for years. But there are only four USDA approved ports of entry in the country, which makes the job tough.

Now they've got their eye on the Ardmore Air Park.

Nothing but a shear love of horses could have driven Holland native Irmgard Guel to the plains of Southern Oklahoma.

"I was buying two horses from Pauls Valley, found out how difficult it was, find quarantine, hassle, paper work, spot in the market," said Nedpoint owner Irmgard Geul.

Geul calls herself a travel agent for horse buyers. Since 1992, she's arranged for horses all over the world to be flown to the U.S. quaranteened for 30 days at her ranch near Pauls Valley and then shipped to their rightful owners.

Ten years later, she launched one of the only public hydrotherapy centers in the nation, making a name for herself on the global market.

But distance makes the job rough riding the only ports of entry to the U.S. are in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, which doesn't make sense considering Southern Oklahoma and North Texas are home to some of the best shows and trainers in the nation.

"H-H World is here, this is horse country, we want to make it a world show."

Now that the Ardmore Air Park is an international trade zone, it makes sense to build a port here. But first they must get more investors and the U.S.D.A. on board to put the million dollar plan into action.

Once it happens, it could pay dividends for the area.

We live in the heart of horse country.

Now Nedpoint and its partners want to make sure the rest of the world knows it.

Nedpoint and other investors are lobbying congress to convince USDA to approve Ardmore as a port of entry.

They hope to be up and running within the next three years.

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